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A graph diagram visualization widget for Jupyter Notebooks and Labs powered by yFiles for HTML.

Easily visualize graphs from various sources: Networkx✅, igraph✅, neo4j✅, pygraphviz✅, and any structured Python dictionaries and lists. Many more formats supported indirectly via Networkx imports!

The widget is supported in the default Jupyter environments, but also in other environments like VS Code or Google Colab.

yFiles Graphs for Jupyter

Try the Introduction notebook on Google Colab here.


For working with Neo4j databases, we built yfiles-jupyter-graphs-for-neo4j, an open-source extension on top of yfiles-jupyter-graphs. This extension provides an easier Python interface for the driver and allows direct configuration of data mappings depending on the label or type of the node or relationship.

So if you are planning to use the extension with Neo4j databases, consider using yfiles-jupyter-graphs-for-neo4j.

Supported Environments



If you already have Jupyter installed, just pip install the prebuilt extension from the Python Package Index.

pip install yfiles_jupyter_graphs

If you want to start clean and get a fresh new Jupyter Lab with the widget readily installed and available, you can use docker, too:

Form a shell, create a docker image that contains all that is required:

mkdir yfiles-jupyter && cd yfiles-jupyter
echo -e "FROM jupyter/scipy-notebook\nRUN pip install yfiles-jupyter-graphs" > Dockerfile
docker build -t yfiles-jupyter-graphs-on-docker .

(the above has been tested successfully with scipy-notebook:lab-3.4.7 and yfiles-jupyter-graphs==1.2.1), but we want to make sure that it will also work with upcoming versions - file an issue if it doesn't work for you!)

You can then create a fresh new instance of your server from this image like so:

docker run -it -p 8888:8888 --name yfiles-jupyter yfiles-jupyter-graphs-on-docker


In a notebook which has the wiget installed in the server, in a Python cell, you can then do this:

"""Execute in jupyter notebook or jupyter lab"""
from yfiles_jupyter_graphs import GraphWidget
# shows empty widget

You can find the full documentation here.


neighborhood sidebar See Node Neighborhood
Open In Colab
layouts Choose Graph Layout
Open In Colab
data sidebar Investigate Nodes or Edges Data
Open In Colab
search sidebar Search for Nodes or Edges
Open In Colab
importer Import Graph Data
Open In Colab
element color mapping Make Data Dependent Property Changes
Open In Colab
heat mapping Define a Heatmap Background
Open In Colab
leaflet mapping Use a Map Background
Open In Colab
nested graph Visualize nested data
Open In Colab

For example code look here.

Google Colab Examples

You can try the example notebooks in Google Colab by opening GitHub notebook URL:<notebook.ipynb>.

For example the Introduction notebook:


You can find the documentation here.

Code of Conduct

This project and everyone participating in it is governed by the Code of Conduct. By participating, you are expected to uphold this code. Please report unacceptable behavior to


This widget is by no means perfect. If you find something is not working as expected we are glad to receive an issue report from you. Please make sure to search for existing issues first and check if the issue is not an unsupported feature or known issue. If you did not find anything related, report a new issue with necessary information. Please also provide a clear and descriptive title and stick to the issue templates. See issues.



See LICENSE file.