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  1. svg2pdf.js Public

    A javascript-only SVG to PDF conversion utility that runs in the browser. Brought to you by yWorks - the diagramming experts

    TypeScript 475 81

  2. The source code demos for the yFiles for HTML diagramming library

    325 270

  3. yGuard Public

    The open-source Java obfuscation tool working with Ant and Gradle by yWorks - the diagramming experts

    Java 241 42

  4. A sample web app for the integration of yFiles for HTML with Neo4j to visualize database contents

    JavaScript 11 5

  5. The sample web app for the yFiles use case about Navigating Your Graph Through Time and Space.

    TypeScript 8 3

  6. A yeoman generator that scaffolds a yFiles for HTML powered application. Requires local yFiles package (

    JavaScript 21 8


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