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A Global-Scale Network Telemetry Ecosystem

Try It!

Try out Panoptes in a Docker container. Detailed documentation is here.

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Panoptes is a Python based network telemetry ecosystem that implements discovery, enrichment and polling. Key features include:

  • A modular design with well-defined separation of concerns,
  • Plugin architecture that enables the implementation of any telemetry collection, enrichment, or transformation,
  • Horizontally scalable: supports clustering to add more capacity, and
  • Network telemetry specific constructs like SNMP abstractions, built in counter to gauge conversion.


Panoptes Architecture


Panoptes is built on many primitives like sites, resources, metrics and enrichments which are collected through discovery and polling. Here is a document providing an overview of these concepts.


If you'd like to try out Panoptes without committing to a full install, checkout out the Docker container.

Please follow the instructions here to download and install Panoptes.


We welcome issues, questions, and pull requests. Please read the contributing guidelines.


Past Contributors

  • Varun Varma
  • Vivekanand AM
  • Nathan Kamm


This project is licensed under the terms of the Apache 2.0 open source license. Please refer to LICENSE for the full terms.