@patricklindsay patricklindsay released this Jan 6, 2019 · 8 commits to master since this release

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Breaking Changes

  • None


  • Can disable input character counter by adding data-character-counter='false' to inputs
  • Disabled input character counter for login password field
  • Improved onboarding - install script now handles route & seed creation as well as DB setup
  • Improved onboarding - added generator for Integral views rails g integral:views
  • Improved onboarding - added generator for Integral assets rails g integral:assets
  • Gallery arrow control and size constraint to viewport size


  • Moved list edit form to /edit route & removed show route
  • Dashboard displays most recent post & page
  • Post data appears in dashboard widgets when blog is enabled
  • Recent Posts widget orders collection by most recently published
  • Demo images no longer causing 404s
  • Canonical URL for homepage


  • Bumped Devise to ~> 4.5.0 - Fixes secret_key_base production issue