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@podarok podarok released this May 28, 2019 · 27 commits to 8.x-2.x since this release

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#1600 New alerts (React component) -- alerts can now be placed on different areas of the page; styling updates made to the alerts template
#1597 Activity Finder fixes, including:

  • major change to back button functionality (cycles back through each step of AF instead of returning the user to the very beginning of the search sequence)
  • fixed ability to populate filter values and step number from URL to directly place a user into a specific search type
  • fixed ability to skip locations selection and/or categories steps
  • fixed ability to suppress search functionality on final results page
  • corrections to mobile experience (corrected spacing/styling issues, updated age filter to be 3 columns instead of 2, improved filter interaction experience, fixed pagination issues)

#1599 Fixed error in Lily theme when trying to view previews of nodes

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