A Python library for sending notifications to services such as Slack, HipChat, Twitter, and so on.
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kawasemi is a Python library for sending notifications.

Kawasemi provides the following features:

  • Very simple ways to send notification
    • GitHub, HipChat, Slack, Twitter, and Yo are supported
  • Integrations with web application frameworks helps to load configurations
    • Django is supported

Note: This project was named django-channels. We renamed our project not to be confused with the official Django Channels.

At a Glance

After installation and configuration, you can send notifications with a following simple code:

# Python
from kawasemi import Kawasemi
kawasemi = Kawasemi(config)
kawasemi.send("Sample notification.")

# In Django application
from kawasemi.django import send
send("Sample notification.")

See Quickstart page for more details.