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A fresh approach to autocomplete implementations, specially for Django. It supports templated autocompletes, foreign key, many to many, generic foreign key, generic many to many, autocompletes that depend on each other, etc, etc ... Status: 2.x.x stable, 1.x.x deprecated. PLEASE DO BUMP your github pull requests !!!
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django-autocomplete-light's purpose is to enable autocompletes quickly and properly in a django project: it is the fruit of half a decade of R&D and thousands of contributions. It was designed for Django so that every part overridable or reusable independently. It is stable, tested, documented and fully supported: it tries to be a good neighbour in Django ecosystem.

Projects upgrading to Django 1.9

DAL has been ready for Django 1.9 since April 2015 thanks to @blueyed & @jpic. HOWEVER due to the app loading refactor in 1.9 you should apply the following:

find . -name '*py' | xargs sed -i 's/import autocomplete_light/from autocomplete_light import shortcuts as autocomplete_light/'

See the test_project running on Django 1.9 and its new cool admin theme: (test:test).


Features include:

  • charfield, foreign key, many to many autocomplete widgets,
  • generic foreign key, generic many to many autocomplete widgets,
  • django template engine support for autocompletes, enabling you to include images etc ...
  • 100% overridable HTML, CSS, Python and Javascript: there is no variable hidden far down in the scope anywhere.
  • add-another popup supported outside the admin too.
  • keyboard is supported with enter, tab and arrows by default.
  • Django 1.8, Python3 support

Each feature has a live example and is fully documented. It is also designed and documented so that you create your own awesome features too.


Resources include:

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