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@reid reid released this Feb 8, 2014 · 48 commits to master since this release

Today's release prints useful feedback to stderr when Yeti is used in CI. It also includes a fix for issue #74 (Unable to serve error) and #68 (improve DOH support).

When using Yeti to in CI, e.g. to produce JUnit XML output, previous versions of Yeti would go silent after testing began as Yeti produced XML output on stdout. This made it difficult to determine if Yeti was doing anything while tests ran. When using Yeti with --junit, today's release prints status after every test completion to stderr while XML prints to stdout.

Big thanks to @henryqdineen for contributing the fix for DOH support!

In addition to fixing bugs, we have made some improvements to Yeti's own tests and to Yeti's documentation. Yeti's website now uses Pure for your viewing pleasure on desktop and mobile devices.

Full Changelog

  • Automate most of the release in the fabfile.
  • Update package metadata. Add SPDX license.
  • Update browser versions on landing page.
  • Update contribute doc with new URLs, branding.
  • Only strip 2 lines from the Contribute page.
  • Fix light sub-heading on landing page.
  • Switch to Pure from YUI CSS. Add Yahoo logo.
  • Update Elsewhere links to new GitHub locations.
  • Move remaining Makefile tasks into the Jakefile.
  • Use GitHub Releases in favor of
  • Generate Selleck project file from package.json.
  • Fix #68. Fix doh support. (Thanks @henryqdineen!)
  • Fix #74. Do not lookup agents when destroyed.
  • Add missing err argument to getPathname callbacks.
  • Use onUrlChanged to detect page navigation.
  • Fix typo in functional test comment.
  • Fix JSHint errors.
  • Avoid calling rl.write when rl is not a terminal.
  • Prevent double line update after each test.
  • Do not print lines on beat if output isn't a TTY.
  • When JUnit requested, show status on stderr.
  • Move submitBatch reporter logic into helper fn.
  • Move shared CLI and Reporters IO into Console.
  • Exit code 3 for test completion with failures.
  • .jshintrc -> package.json. Remove globalstrict.
  • Depend on mock-utf8-stream.
  • Report raw WD response if response was not JSON.
  • New Yahoo branding.
  • Update copyright year.
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