Digitisation and design of Neude, a typeface in style of Amsterdame School
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Digitisation and design of Neude, a typeface in style of Amsterdame School

statue Neude

sample Neude

logo Neude




Version 1.011, 20170811, 485 glyphs.

OpenType Font TrueType Font
Download the OTF file
Neude.otf (61 KB)
Download the TTF file
Neude.ttf (39 KB)

Download of the WOFF file will follow soon.


OpenType Sample TrueType Sample
Multi-page PDF specimen
Neude-otf-fntsample.pdf (87 KB)
OTF fontsample multi-page PDF
Multi-page PDF specimen
Neude-ttf-fntsample.pdf (82 KB)
TTF fontsample multi-page PDF

Support for all numerals will follow soon.

OTF fontimage PNG


The original design of the thirteen letters on the sculptures found in hall of the former post office at the Neude in Utrecht in the Netherlands was made by Hendrik van den Eijnde. The statues were made in the 1920s and their copyright expired after 2009, 70 years after teh death of the artist.

This project, in terms of at least the font files and documentation, has an Open Font License (OFL). This license can be found in the file called LICENSE but also on the site of the authors of the license, SIL International.

logo OFL

The font foundry for this font is Stichting z25.org.


The font Neude has been used on the cover and on the inside of the photo book named Neude 11 by Arjan den Boer, 2018.

2018, Arjan den Boer, Neude 11

The font Neude has been used on the cover and on the inside of the collection of poetry (dichtbundel) named Bokalen by Nanne Nauta, 2017.

2017, Nanne Nauta, Bokalen


The following software has been used in order to create this font.


logo Inkscape


logo FontForge


logo git

Thanks go out to the respective communities for creating and maintianing these.


Main sponsor: a.s.r. vastgoed vermogensbeheer en MRP Development

logo a.s.r. vastgoed vermogensbeheer en MRP DevelopmentPrins Bernhard Cultuurfonds

Co-funing: Gemeente Utrecht

logo Gemeente Utrecht

Sponsor als partner van voordekunst: Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds

logo Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds

Sponsor TODO: Museum Het Schip

logo Het Schip

Sponsor printed cotton bags: Katoenfrabriek

logo Katoenfabriek

Sponsored letters

The following letters were individually sponsored:


Thanks go to, in alphabetical order:

Drents Museum

logo Drents Museum

Arjan den Boer

logo Arjan den Boer


logo BYOB

Presentation at FOSDEM 2017 in the Open Source Design devroom.


Help with their crowdfunding platform: voordekunst

logo voordekunst


logo SETUP

Guest presentation with 3D models of letters in shopping window in city centre of Utrecht: sudden

logo sudden


logo Hellebaard

Stichting z25.org


Font Library

logo Font Library


logo DaFont

If we have forgotten to name a person or organisation here, please let us know.

TODO http://neude.z25.org


Plesae, support the futher development of font Neude by making a donation to Stichting z25.org via one of the funding methods below.