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This project contains add-ons for the OWASP Zed Attack Proxy (ZAP).

If you are using the latest version of ZAP then you can browse and download add-ons from within ZAP by clicking on this button in the toolbar:

Access add-ons dialogue

You can also import add-ons you have downloaded manually via the "File / Load Add-on File..." menu option.

This project also contains example templates to help you get started when developing new ZAP add-ons.

For a summary of the ways you can extend ZAP see

For some general notes on developing ZAP see the wiki

If you have any questions about developing add-ons for ZAP please ask them on the ZAP Developer forum.

We are happy to host the source code and/or release jars for your ZAP add-ons in this project - please get in touch via the ZAP Developer forum.

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