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ZAP is a community project and we want people to get involved.

If you are interested in ZAP development then these articles are an ideal place to start.

Hacking ZAP

'Hacking ZAP' is a series of blog posts written by the ZAP core team. They are designed to encourage you to play around with the ZAP source code and introduce you to new aspects of ZAP development one blog post at a time.

Proposed Posts

  • Hacking ZAP - Views
  • Hacking ZAP - Add-Ons and Extensions
  • Hacking ZAP - The ZAP development process
  • Hacking ZAP - Extension Hooks
  • Hacking ZAP - Key classes
  • Hacking ZAP - Adding new UI elements
  • Hacking ZAP - Scripts
  • Hacking ZAP - The database
  • Hacking ZAP - The Sites tree
  • Hacking ZAP - Unit tests
  • Hacking ZAP - Help files
  • Hacking ZAP - Extending the API
  • Hacking ZAP - Breaking, fuzzing, searching
  • Hacking ZAP - Authentication, users and roles

The plan is to publish these posts roughly one a week.

If you have any comments about this series then you can comment on the blog or post to the ZAP Developer Group

Other ZAP development articles

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