Asynchronous Go completion for Neovim. deoplete source for Go.
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Go source for deoplete.nvim use gocode.


Asynchronous Go completion for Neovim/Vim8. Use,



Dark powered asynchronous completion framework for neovim/Vim8. Fastetst, Fully asynchronous, Nonblocking user interface, Customizable source for each languages, and more. The Nextgen word completion.



An autocompletion daemon for the Go programming language. Fastest, Context-sensitive, Server/Client architecture, Result caching. The de facto standard completion engine.




How to install

1. Install Neovim or Vim8

For neovim, see Neovim wiki.

2. Install deoplete


3. Install latest of gocode

go get -u

4. Install plugin and Build ujson module

deoplete-go using esnme/ultrajson json module. It's Python bindings for C library. Need compiling. So, If you use Plugin manager supported build process, set make commmand.

" dein.vim
call dein#add('Shougo/deoplete.nvim')
call dein#add('zchee/deoplete-go', {'build': 'make'})

" NeoBundle
NeoBundle 'Shougo/deoplete.nvim'
NeoBundle 'zchee/deoplete-go', {'build': {'unix': 'make'}}

" vim-plug
Plug 'Shougo/deoplete.nvim'
Plug 'zchee/deoplete-go', { 'do': 'make'}

Available Settings

Setting value Default Required
g:deoplete#sources#go#gocode_binary '' Recommend
g:deoplete#sources#go#package_dot 0 No
g:deoplete#sources#go#sort_class [] Recommend
g:deoplete#sources#go#cgo 0 Any
g:deoplete#sources#go#goos '' No
g:deoplete#sources#go#source_importer 0 No


gocode Binary

Default ''
Required Recommend
Type string
Example $GOPATH.'/bin/gocode'

deoplete-go will directly call gocode. Not vim bypass due to the omnifunc. By default (not set), Find the gocode binary in $PATH environment. This setting is Recommend. If you set it, deoplete-go spared look for the binary. It will improve performance.

Also, If you want to use a different from the first found gocode binary from $PATH then set:

let g:deoplete#sources#go#gocode_binary = '/path/to/gocode'


Automatically insert dot after package name

Default 0
Required No
Type int
Example 1

Automatically insert dot (period) when you select package name in popup menu. By default, no dot (period) is inserted after a package name.

If you would prefer adding a period then set:

let g:deoplete#sources#go#package_dot = 1


Class Sorting and Ignore

Default []
Required Recommend
Type list
Example See bellow exmaple

By default, the completion word list is in the sort order of gocode. Same as omnifunc. If you want to change it to an arbitrary order, set it.

Available values are [package, func, type, var, const]. If you did not include any value, it will always be hidden in the completion list.

To display all words while sorting, set:

let g:deoplete#sources#go#sort_class = ['package', 'func', 'type', 'var', 'const']


Support pointer match

Default 0
Required Any
Type int
Example 1

Support pointer (*) match. Example are bellow code. | is cursor.

type Foo struct {
  FooName string

func NewFoo() *Foo {
  return &Foo{}

func (f *|


cgo complete use libclang-python3

Default 0
Required Any
Type int
Example 1

If current buffer has import "C" also #include <foo.h> and when you type C., deoplete-go will display the C function in the foo.h.

Simple example is below. | is cursor.

package main

#include <stdlib.h>
import "C"
import (

func main() {

Will return the pid_t, malloc, free and more.

The real example uses libgit2.

package main

#include <git2.h>
import "C"
import (


func main() {
	repoPath := filepath.Join(os.Getenv("GOPATH"), "src/")
	gitRepo, err := git.OpenRepository(repoPath)


	if err != nil {
	commitOid, err := gitRepo.Head()
	if err != nil {


Will return that completion list.


Now support current buffer only. TODO: Support parses .c, .h file.


libclang shared library path for cgo complete

Required Any
Type string
Example /opt/llvm/lib/libclang.dylib

libclang shared library path option. In darwin, libclang.dylib, In Linux,


C language standard version

Default c11
Required Any
Type string
Example c99

C language standard version option. If not set, deoplete-go uses c11(latest) version.


Automatically set GOOS environment variable when calling gocode

Default 0
Required No
Type boolean
Example 1

When enabled, deoplete-go will try to set GOOS by checking the file name for name_<OS>.go. If not found, the file will be checked for a // +build <OS> directive. If the file's OS doesn't match your OS (e.g. file_darwin.go while on linux), CGO_ENABLED=0 will also be set.

Note: There may be a 5-10 second delay if gocode needs to compile the platform-specific sources for the first time.


Enable source importer

Default 0
Required No
Type int
Example 1

When enabled, deoplete-go can complete external packages.

Note: It is for "mdempsky/gocode" only option. And if it is enabled, the completion is slower.

Sample init.vim

" neocomplete like
set completeopt+=noinsert
" deoplete.nvim recommend
set completeopt+=noselect

" Path to python interpreter for neovim
let g:python3_host_prog  = '/path/to/python3'
" Skip the check of neovim module
let g:python3_host_skip_check = 1

" Run deoplete.nvim automatically
let g:deoplete#enable_at_startup = 1
" deoplete-go settings
let g:deoplete#sources#go#gocode_binary = $GOPATH.'/bin/gocode'
let g:deoplete#sources#go#sort_class = ['package', 'func', 'type', 'var', 'const']


  • Parse included cgo (C, C++ language) headers on current buffer
    • ctags will be blocking deoplete.nvim
  • Support static json caching
  • Support Go stdlib package import "***" name completion
    • This feature has been implemented in gocode. Thanks @nhooyr!
  • Execute gocode binary instead of call vim function
  • Get and parse completion list of json format. such as ycm
  • When there is no candidate infomation, deoplete will cause an error
  • Support fizzy matching