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A series of challenges in spirit of the holidays πŸŽ„
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A series of challenges in spirit of the holidays πŸŽ„

All of these solutions will be written and verified with Python, along with the following goals:

  1. Efficiency, where a more efficient algorithm will do the job without over-killing the problem. I am aiming for sub-15 seconds for these tasks.
  2. Organization. Avoid duplicate code for better readability.
  3. Keep it simple!


These are the memorable challenges with notable elements in terms of:


  • Day 1: Chronal Calibration (72 points)
  • Day 2: Inventory Management System (864th, 474th)
  • Day 3: No Matter How You Slice It (32 points, 18 points)
  • Day 4: Repose Record (582nd, 412th)
  • Day 5: Alchemical Reduction (75 points)
  • Day 6: Chronal Coordinates (112th, 168th)
  • Day 7: The Sum of Its Parts (3392nd, 2526th)
  • Day 8: Memory Maneuver (793rd, 892nd)
  • Day 9: Marble Mania (632nd, 327th)
  • Day 10: The Stars Align (474th, 442nd)
  • Day 11: Chronal Charge (491st, 496th)
  • Day 12: Subterranean Sustainability (654th, 542nd)
  • Day 13: Mine Cart Madness (42 points, 190th)
  • Day 14: Chocolate Charts (187th, 136th)
  • Day 15: Beverage Bandits (156th, 120th)
  • Day 16: Chronal Classification (63 points, 111th)
  • Day 17: Reservoir Research (242nd, 228th)
  • Day 18: Settlers of the North Pole (38 points, 3 points)
  • Day 19: Go With The Flow (990th, 545th)
  • Day 20: A Regular Map (566th, 523rd)
  • Day 21-25: N/A, unfortunately I won't be available to solve these problems the day these are uploaded.
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