This repository contains sample iOS code and applications which use our SDKs
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⚠️ Use of this software is subject to important terms and conditions as set forth in the License file ⚠️

Zendesk Sample Apps for iOS


This repository provides you with sample Apps to help learn how to use the Zendesk Apps framework and APIs.

We hope you'll find those sample Apps useful and encourage you to re-use some of this code in your own Apps.

This repository contains the following demos:

  • Support SDK Samples

    You'll find three Sample Apps added to workspace CocoaPodSample

    • A demo application Sample showcasing the manual Swift integration of Support SDK.
    • A demo application SampleObjectiveC showcasing the manual Objective-C integration of Support SDK.
    • A demo application CocoaPodSample showcasing the integration with pods.

    Both apps are implementing couple of main features of Support SDK.

    Note: Initialise the Support SDK in the AppDelegate.swift, by passing in the credentials of your Zendesk instance.

            // Enter your zendesk app configs here
          Zendesk.initialize(appId: "appId",
                             clientId: "clientId",
                             zendeskUrl: "zendeskUrl")
  • Chat SDK Samples

    • Demo that showcases building a custom chat UI backed by Zendesk Chat API.
    • Demo that shows the app badge count on the tab bar button.
  • Answer Bot SDK Samples

    • A demo application that shows how to integrate the Answer Bot SDK


If you have any questions please email

Getting Started

Each of the modules in this project is a stand-alone iOS app.


Pull requests are welcome.


Please submit bug reports to Zendesk.