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  1. Matisse Matisse Public

    🎆 A well-designed local image and video selector for Android

    Java 12.5k 2.1k

  2. griffith griffith Public

    A React-based web video player

    TypeScript 2.5k 226

  3. kids kids Public

    Kids Is Data Stream

    C++ 1.2k 222

  4. rucene rucene Public

    Rust port of Lucene

    Rust 994 60

  5. RxLifecycle RxLifecycle Public

    Bind observables to the lifecycle of Activity or Fragment in a non-invasive way.

    Java 515 47

  6. cuBERT cuBERT Public

    Fast implementation of BERT inference directly on NVIDIA (CUDA, CUBLAS) and Intel MKL

    C++ 513 84


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