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Rust port of Lucene
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Rucene - Rust implementation of Lucene


Rucene is a Rust port of the popular Apache Lucene project. Rucene is not a complete application, but rather a code library and API that can easily be used to add full text search capabilities to applications.


The index searcher part of Rucene has been put into production and has served all search traffics at Zhihu since July, 2018. Development of the index writer part was started in late 2018, and has been put into production to serve real-time searching since May, 2019.


We don't yet have an API documentation for Rucene, but the usage is similar to Lucene 6.2.1.


We are working on this, but could use more help since it is a massive project.


Rucene is under the Apache 2.0 license. See the LICENSE file for details.

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