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Markdown-Writer for Atom

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Adds tons of features to make Atom an even better Markdown/AsciiDoc editor!

Works great with static blogging as well. Try it with Jekyll, Octopress, Hexo or any of your favorite static blog engines.

Insert Image

More GIFs Here: Create New Post, Insert Reference Link, Remove Reference Link.


From version 1.5.0, default keymaps that come with this package are removed (except enter/tab).

Please execute command Markdown Writer: Create Default keymaps to append the original list of keymaps to your keymap config file, then modify them based on your needs. Refer to wiki.



  • Create new post with front matters (setup required).
  • Create new draft with front matters (setup required).
  • Publish draft moves a draft to post's directory with front matters (date, published) updated.
  • Manage tags and categories in front matters (setup required).
  • Site specific settings (view setup).


  • Continue lists when you press enter.
  • Insert link (shift-cmd-k) and automatically link to the text next time.
    • Insert inline link.
    • Insert reference link with title. Use - in title field to create an empty title reference link.
    • Remove link (and its reference) after URL is deleted.
    • Search published posts by title in your blog.
  • Insert footnote (markdown-writer:insert-footnote), and edit footnote labels.
  • Insert image (shift-cmd-i), auto-detect image height/width, and optionally copy images to your site's images directory.
  • Insert table (markdown-writer:insert-table), and a shortcut to jump to next table cell (cmd-j cmd-t).
  • Format table (markdown-writer:format-table) with table alignments.
  • Toggle headings: ctrl-alt-[1-5] to switch among H1 to H5.
  • Toggle text styles (customization supported):
    • code (cmd-')
    • bold (cmd-b)
    • italic (cmd-i)
    • strike through (cmd-h)
    • '''code block''' (shift-cmd-")
    • <kbd>key</kbd> (cmd + k)
    • - unordered list (shift-cmd-U)
    • 0. ordered list (shift-cmd-O)
    • > blockquote (shift-cmd->)
    • - [ ] task list (markdown-writer:toggle-task)
  • Jumping commands:
    • Jump to previous heading (cmd-j cmd-p)
    • Jump to next heading (cmd-j cmd-n)
    • Jump to next table cell (cmd-j cmd-t)
    • Jump to reference marker/definition (cmd-j cmd-d)
  • Markdown cheat sheet (markdown-writer:open-cheat-sheet).
  • Correct order list numbers (markdown-writer:correct-order-list-numbers).
  • Open link under cursor in browser (markdown-writer:open-link-in-browser), and works on reference links.
  • Toolbar for Markdown Writer is available at tool-bar-markdown-writer.
  • AsciiDoc support with language-asciidoc.

You can find and trigger all features in:

  • Open Command Palette (shift-cmd-P), enter Markdown Writer
  • Or, go to menubar Packages -> Markdown Writer.


  • In Atom, go to Settings (cmd-,) -> Install -> Search Markdown Writer.
  • Or, run apm install markdown-writer.

If you saw errors after this plugin updated, please try restart Atom to allow it reloads the updated code.


Go to Settings (cmd-,) -> Packages -> Markdown-Writer -> Settings.

If you do not see any settings (due to a Atom's bug), please activate Markdown-Writer using command (e.g. Open Cheat Sheet). Close and reopen the Settings page.

To manage tags/categories in front matter, please follow this setup.

To manage all configurations (e.g. project specific settings, change italic text styles), refer to this wiki document.