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Sky Checkers


Sky Checkers is a multiplayer video game I wrote during my high school and early college years. It is based on an old N64 Kirby mini-game. Knock off your enemies and the last one standing wins.

The quality of the code may reflect what I consider my first real project. This project is mainly for historical value now.

Sky Checkers officially supports macOS, Windows, and Linux. Support for other platforms depends on the presence of SDL. Downloads can be found on the releases page. For information on compiling the latest changes from source, please see INSTALL.


  • 3D graphics written using OpenGL
  • Local or online battles with 1 - 4 players (online uses port 4893 over UDP)
  • AI bots with an easy, medium, or hard difficulty
  • Gamepad support
  • Console for development & debugging


The source code is currently licensed under the GPL version 3.

The assets are licensed differently. I acquired an embedded app license for the goodfish font that only I can use and which is obfuscated in the code. Sound assets except for the main menu music are freely distributed from Freesound and PacDV.

All other assets (main menu music, textures) were developed by a friend and me solely for this project, and are not otherwise freely licensed.