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ZPM - Zsh Plugin Manager

ZPM ( Zsh plugin manager ) is an yet another plugin manager for zsh similar to vim-plug. ZPM plugins are compatible with oh-my-zsh. ZPM runs on Linux, Android, FreeBSD and OS X.

Base dependences


From GitHub

Add following text into .zshrc

if [[ -f ~/.zpm/zpm.zsh ]]; then
	source ~/.zpm/zpm.zsh
	git clone --recursive https://github.com/horosgrisa/zpm ~/.zpm
	source ~/.zpm/zpm.zsh

If you don't have .zshrc copy example of .zshrc from zpm

cp ~/.zpm/zshrc-example.zsh ~/.zshrc

Using plugins

Add zpm load some-plugin for enabling plugin from ~/.zpm/plugins.
Or add zpm load github-user/github-repo for enabling plugin from github.


Run ZPM-Upgrade for upgrading, or run ZPM-Upgrade some-plugin if you want upgrade this plugin