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0.9.13 (2017-02-15)


Watch Live TV on Plex using HDHomeRun, at home or remotely. Compatibility may vary by Plex Media Server (PMS) version, Plex client version, etc...

Getting Started

1. Installation

Method 1 : Unsupported AppStore V2 (UAS V2)

This is the best method. HDHR Viewer 2 can be updated easily through the UAS V2 interface. UAS V2 is available at

Method 2 : Manual Installation

a. git clone the the github **HDHRViewerV2.bundle** package to your local system
b. Copy the **HDHRViewerV2.bundle** files to Plex Plug-in Directory. 
[How do I find the Plug-Ins folder?](
    note that this info is not 100% foolproof

Method 3 : Scripts

Run install scripts included. (Limited OS)

2. Initial Plug-in Settings/Preferences

Most Plex clients can't access the Plug-in Settings/Preferences. Use Plex/Web to configure it. Open your browser to the Plex Web Admin page, select Channels, and you should see the HDHR Viewer Icon in the list. If not, then go back to step 1 and correct the location where you copied the plgin package files

0.9.x and above:

Multiple tuners are supported, and tuners are automatically discovered. Tuners can be manually define in HDHomeRun IP. You can manually list multiple tuners, with space delimited. See examples below.

For full automatic discover (requires internet connection). Set HDHomeRun IP:


Example of manual discover + multiple tuner + automatic discovery. Set HDHomeRun IP:

Up to 0.8.x:

Supports only 1 tuner, and tuner IP address have to be manually specified in settings. Set HDHomeRun IP:

3. Generate required codec (PMS 0.9.17.x and above.)

Since Plex Media Server 0.9.17.x and above, there was a change in the Plex transcoder which caused playback issue on most clients for first time users. To fix this problem, download a short clip from your HDHomeRun device, and add it to your PMS library, and play it. Now try using the HDHR Viewer 2 again.

1. Download a short clip from your HDHomeRun tuner.

Download a short clip from your HDHomeRun device using your web browser:


Example (tuner_ip=; channel=2.1; duration=5 seconds):

2. Add to Plex Library

Add the videos to your Movies or Home Videos library.

3. Play the added video

Play the video and it should generate the required AC3 codec.

4. Now try using the plug-in.

Go to HDHR Viewer 2, and try playing a video stream.

Common Issues and Resolution

Android devices

Certain android devices will have issue with playback. This is due to Plex Media Server (PMS) not transcoding the ac3 audio stream to aac properly. You can try to change the audio codec listed Android.xml profile in PMS Resources folder from aac to mp3.

For other issues

Go to

HDHomeRun Compatibility

Compatible with HDHomeRun that have DLNA or HTTP streaming capabilities.


  • HDHomeRun PRIME (HDHR3-CC)
  • HDHomeRun 4DC (HDHR3-4DC)
  • HDHomeRun DUAL (Gen4)

Not Compatible

  • HDHomeRun DUAL (HDHR2-US/DT)

Please use HDSurfer Plug-in for HDHomeRun

Server Compatibility/Requirement

Standard Plex requirement for streaming to Plex Home Theater (PHT)

High CPU requirement for transcoding to other clients (Web/Android/Roku/FireTV/etc…). Typical NAS devices may not have capable CPU for transcoding.

Estimated CPU requirement for 1080i MPEGTS transcoding:

  • Intel Core2 Quad 2.5Ghz or faster.
  • Intel Celeron/Pentium Gxxxx 3Ghz or faster.
  • Intel i3/i5/i7 Dual Core (1st Generation) 3Ghz of faster.
  • Intel i3/i5/i7 Dual Core (Later Generation) Turbo Speed 2.5Ghz or faster.
  • AMD Athlon Quad Core 3Ghz or faster.
  • AMD AthlonII/Phenom/A6/A8/A10 Quad Core 2.5Ghz or faster.

Client Compatibility

Some browser may have playback issues with HTML5 player, disable HTML5 player. Refer to Known Anomalies for more info.

Refer to:

Android Playback Issue & Resolution

Refer to:

Common Issues and Resolution

Refer to the Wiki for more setups