Yeoman generator to quickly install Bones Wordpress starter theme into your Wordpress theme folder
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A WordPress theme Yeoman generator, to kickstart your WordPress Bones theme development with yo, sass and grunt.

Note: Still in development

Getting Started

Install generator-wp-bones from npm:

$ npm install -g generator-wp-bones

Finally, initiate the generator. run this command in a working WordPress installations themes directory:

$ yo wp-bones

Known Issues


  • A fancy deploy-to-production plan Issue #9
  • Instead of having the Bones Wordpress starter theme living in a folder in templates it would be nice to 'fetch' (dunno if this is the right term because i'm still a noob at git) it fresh from it's repo here at git. I have already included simple-git into the generator so it just need to be setup right. Thanks to iam4x
  • Convince my girlfriend to get a second cat


MIT License

Thanks To

Glen Geenen - Maxime Tyler - LaboratorioEfe5 - yivi - jbmicolai - kjbissell -