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We integrate open-source software for you to pay less in long-term and own your data.


We believe that p2p services based on open-source is better, than unfair-priced SaaS products within shared economy.

Imagine your Uber taxi stops, catches another person, makes a detour and only then finishes the ride. Or AirBnB decides that a stranger will live in the place you're renting, because it's "optimal".

Digital SaaS companies make this every single day.

Stage: idea, 2 showcases


SaaS 0x0
Plan hard-coded options, sometimes you pay "per human" even if they're inactive you decide: market-driven for services, sufficient for hardware resources
Roadmap they decide you decide and free to fork
Dedicated features expensive enterprise plan, still no promises bid for your wish on a free market
Billing separate different bills and cycles single check
What your paying for all features (including not needed future), rent hardware (for that "free-plan" guy as well), all staff (including theirs marketing team) your hardware (buy or rent), market-driven for price additional (custom) services


  • install with a single command (on-premise too!)
  • transfer your data (import archives exported thanks to gdpr)
  • get updates guidelines and support


SaaS OSS Export features
Code GitHub GitLab code-only clone, no export PR, stars, community
Kanban board Trello Wekan copy-paste, no export images/attachments
Chat Slack Mattermost export not welcome
Voice/Video chat Gmeet, Zoom Jitsi Meet nothing to export? no recordings?
Shared storage Gdrive, Dropbox,, Syncthing export is essential feature
UI Prototyping Figma Penpot TODO
Helpdesk Zendesk Helpy TODO
Enterprise Integration Slack apps, OAuth ? incoming webhooks, custom (mostly chat bots); allow leave markdown-based message; LDAP/SAML mostly enterprise;
Personal integration IFTTT, Zappier Huginn TODO
Office "bundle" Gsuite, Office365 Onlyoffice export not welcome
Text collab Gdocs Etherpad(-lite) txt, docx; no export history, acl
Spreadsheets Gsheets Luckysheet csv, xlsx; no export history, acl
Mail Gmail, Outlook, Proton Mailinabox export not welcome
Social media Twitter Mastodon TODO


If my team won't like it, can I migrate back to GitHub/Trello/Slack?

Yes, we are aginst any vendor-lock (if target-saas is welcoming digital nomads)

Can I migrate back to another free open-source solution?

Yes, because you own your data and free to move it anywhere else, anytime.

Should I run a server/vps?

Yes, but we're thinking towards a federated solution w/o a central server.

Motivation parallel

Saas Oss
Inheritance No Fork
Incapsulation API Protocol
Polymorphism ? Standards, RFC


  • selfhosted opensource groupware doesn't have to scale to millions requsts-per-second, it just needs to work
  • under big timepressure you don't strictly need to follow some api, you can manipulate the database directly: this can ease introducing various integrations (no need to wait properly upstream-approved api extension) ofc, as any boundary violation this has its drawbacks, however with a 3rd-party SaaS you NEVER can do that

Things to learn/inspire from

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  1. wekan-mattermost wekan-mattermost Public

    🔌Connects Wekan (better trello) notifications to Mattermost (better slack) channels properly

    Clojure 5 1

  2. mattermost-wekan mattermost-wekan Public

    🔌 Connects Mattermost (better slack) chat messages to Wekan (better trello) card and comments

    Ruby 2


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  • TelegramBots Public Forked from rubenlagus/TelegramBots

    Java library to create bots using Telegram Bots API

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    Java 0 1,229 0 0 Updated May 4, 2023
  • .github Public

    What this project is about

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  • mattermost-wekan Public

    🔌 Connects Mattermost (better slack) chat messages to Wekan (better trello) card and comments

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    Ruby 2 0 0 0 Updated Oct 31, 2021
  • 0x0-cx/vcs-sync-protocol’s past year of commit activity
    4 0 0 2 Updated Jan 20, 2021
  • 0x0-cx/github-diffpub’s past year of commit activity
    Clojure 3 1 0 0 Updated Jan 15, 2021
  • wekan-mattermost Public

    🔌Connects Wekan (better trello) notifications to Mattermost (better slack) channels properly

    0x0-cx/wekan-mattermost’s past year of commit activity
    Clojure 5 1 0 0 Updated Apr 15, 2020


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