Command line tool for manipulating Xcode project files
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xcproj is a command line tool for manipulating Xcode project files. It doesn’t do much yet. It also serves as a testbed for XCDUndocumentedChecker.


xcproj works with Xcode 5 and 6. Xcode 4 support has been discontinued.



brew install xcproj


To install the xcproj tool in /usr/local/bin run the following command, with sudo if required:

xcodebuild -target xcproj install DSTROOT=/

If you want to install xcproj in a custom location, e.g. ~/bin, run the following command:

xcodebuild -target xcproj install DSTROOT=/ INSTALL_PATH=~/bin


xcproj [options] <action> [arguments]

 -h, --help        Show this help text and exit
 -V, --version     Show program version and exit
 -p, --project     Path to an Xcode project (*.xcodeproj file). If not specified, the project in the current working directory is used 
 -t, --target      Name of the target. If not specified, the first target is used

 * list-targets
     List all the targets in the project

 * list-headers [All|Public|Project|Private] (default=Public)
     List headers from the `Copy Headers` build phase

 * read-build-setting <build_setting>
     Evaluate a build setting and print its value. If the build setting does not exist, nothing is printed

 * write-build-setting <build_setting> <value>
     Assign a value to a build setting. If the build setting does not exist, it is added to the target

 * add-xcconfig <xcconfig_path>
     Add an xcconfig file to the project and base all configurations on it

 * add-resources-bundle <bundle_path>
     Add a bundle to the project and in the `Copy Bundle Resources` build phase

 * touch
     Rewrite the project file


  • xcproj relies on the DevToolsCore private framework. Although great care has been taken, it might stop working when you upgrade Xcode.


Cédric Luthi