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Experiment Repository 

Experiments, tests, random babble. Mostly a collection of "Hello World"
examples for various languages.

This directory is served off 0xfe.muthanna.com.


To clone this repository (Read/Write):

$ git clone git@github.com:0xfe/experiments.git

To clone this repository (Read-Only HTTP):

$ git clone http://github.com/0xfe/experiments.git


$ git config --global user.name "Your Name Comes Here"
$ git config --global user.email you@yourdomain.example.com

$ git config --global color.diff auto
$ git config --global color.status auto
$ git config --global color.branch auto

Repository administration:

To bring the local working directory in sync with HEAD:

$ git reset --hard HEAD

Ignore list in .gitignore (in project root). Contents:

# Lines starting with '#' are considered comments.
# Ignore any file named foo.txt.
# Ignore (generated) html files,
# except foo.html which is maintained by hand.
# Ignore objects and archives.



$ git branch newthingaby

$ git branch
* master

$ git checkout newthingaby
... do stuff ...

$ git commit -a

$ git checkout master

$ git merge newthingaby

(If conflicts, fix them, then submit.)

$ git branch -d newthingaby

$ git push