An angular directive for CLNDR.js
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An angular directive for CLNDR.js. With this directive you can render the CLNDR-template Angular-style.

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You can find a demo on the homepage.

Usage & configuration

For a complete documentation check the homepage.

Directive usage:

<tien-clndr tien-clndr-object="clndr" tien-clndr-events="events">
  <div class="clndr-controls">
    <div class="clndr-previous-button" ng-click="clndr.back()">
    <div class="month">
    <div class="clndr-next-button" ng-click="clndr.forward()">
  <div class="clndr-grid">
    <div class="days-of-the-week">
      <div class="header-day" ng-repeat="day in daysOfTheWeek track by $index">
    <div class="days">
      <div class="{{day.classes}}" ng-repeat="day in days">
        <div class="event-indicator" ng-show="" ng-click="showEvents(">{{}}</div>


angular-clndr is released under the MIT license.