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DNN + 2sxc = #DNNCMS - This tool helps web designers and developers prepare great looking content in DNN (DotNetNuke). It's like mixing DNN with Umbraco and Drupal :)


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2sxc 17 for Dnn and Oqtane

Content Management, Dynamic Data, Dynamic Code & App Engine

you can't use DNN or Oqtane without 2sxc 😉

2sxc helps web designers and developers prepare great looking, animated and sexy content and applications in DNN (DotNetNuke) and Oqtane. In works in .net Framework and .net Core.

Visit for more information.

Visit for API docs.

Visit DNN & Razor Tutorials for tutorials.

Visit 2sxc Blogs for news, updates, articles.

Contents of this Repo

  1. 2sxc Core - containing the main 2sxc code (not dependant on DNN)
  2. 2sxc Dnn - containing everything which connects 2sxc to DNN
  3. 2sxc Oqtane - everything which implements 2sxc for Oqtane
  4. 2sxc Razor - contains the razor engine and also connects to DNN
  5. 2sxc WebApi - contains the WebApi - also as part of the DNN infrastructure
  6. 2sxc - the root project - containing installation / bundling and dependency injection for runtime

More Git Repos

This is just one repo of 2sxc - the full software also has another ca. 3 for

  1. EAV-server the dynamic data layer
  2. EAV-UI Angular 12 UI layer for EAV data
  3. 2sxc-UI In-page editing system and JS APIs

System Requirements for 2sxc

  1. DNN 9.6.1+ with .net Framework 4.8
  2. Oqtane 3.4.2+ with .net 6

Older Versions

  • DNN: 2sxc 8 to 13 all work on DNN 7.4.2 - 9.10 or even later
  • Oqtane: see compatibility list