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May 11, 2021
Version bump fixing CmsBlock REST issue

@iJungleboy iJungleboy released this May 4, 2021

The latest release of 2sxc - runs on Dnn and Oqtane.

Read about it in our Release Blog post


Use the zip for Dnn


Use the nupkg for installing and later on you'll also need the additional Compiler Dependencies - see checklist

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@iJungleboy iJungleboy released this Apr 28, 2021

We're finally creating another LTS

Let the Upgrades begin 😉

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@iJungleboy iJungleboy released this Apr 26, 2021

Edit UI #2409
Enable App-API Root to be different from System-API #2408

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@iJungleboy iJungleboy released this Apr 23, 2021

Merge pull request #2407 from 2sic/develop

Version bump 11.21.01 minor bugfixes
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@iJungleboy iJungleboy released this Apr 21, 2021

TinyMCE is now updated and bundled as part of 2sxc to make it less dependent on CDNs.

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@iJungleboy iJungleboy released this Apr 19, 2021


  1. Released VisualQuery 3 with a lot of enhancements (details below)
  2. Createn new DataSources for awesome stuff (details below)
  3. Major enhancements in REST use (details below)
  4. Major Edit-UI performance enhancements (details below)

VisualQuery 3

  1. After running a query you can now click on any stream to see what was inside it #2383
  2. When streams have an error, they now don't break the query but show the error
  3. UI now shows which In-Streams are required #2390
  4. Show info if a DataSource has dynamic In-streams #2378
  5. All data-sources were reviewed and have better names/icons now #2369 #2371
  6. New default queries are now much simpler and look easier - part of #2388
  7. The admin UI now shows JavaScript examples how to access the queries for REST #2398
  8. When test-running a query it will only return the top25 by default making large queries easier to test #2397 #2384
  9. Exceptions are now logged better to insights #2382
  10. UI now shows better warnings if Params or TestValues seem incorrectly configured #2391

DataSources Enhancements

  1. New TreeModeler allows flat tabular-data to be reshaped into tree structures #2394
  2. New SerializationConfiguration changes what parts of entities will be serialized when using Queries for for APIs #2376 #2377 #2375 #2373
  3. New LanguageModeler datasource let's you convert flat language-data into a multi-language entity #2395
  4. AttributeFilter now has a better configuration UI and additional feature to include or remove the listed names #2372 #2374
  5. The CmsBlock datasource now automatically gets everything if nothing is attached (makes new queries much simpler) #2388

Internal enhancements / minor bugfixing

  1. Restructure / refactor in-stream management #2379
  2. Improve renaming of streams #2213
  3. Issue saving queries without connections #2387
  4. The query also uses the new name Header instead of the old confusing ListContent #2389
  5. Internal bug with DataSources being identified with GUIDs #2367
  6. VisualQuery returned cached query definition #2368
  7. DataBuilder API is now DI compatible #2393

REST API Enhancements

  1. The Admin-UI now shows REST JS examples for Queries #2388
  2. The Admin-UI now shows REST JS examples for WebAPIs - and tells you about parameters and security #2399

Major Edit-UI Performance Enhancements

  1. Entities in an entity picker are now preloaded, making everything faster #2295
  2. Most asset / ADAM infos are now preloaded, making everything faster #2294

Minor Bugfixes

  • issues with ADAM and upper-case file extensions #2392
  • issues with toolbar configuration and color-codes #2363
  • dead configuration field on Hyperlink was hidden #2400
  • multiple import of the same content-type cause data issues #2396
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@iJungleboy iJungleboy released this Mar 12, 2021

Minor fix on edit dialog opening new edit dialogs in multi-language scenarios.

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@iJungleboy iJungleboy released this Mar 10, 2021


  1. The Edit-UI has been refactored completely with more than 2 months invested. Bugfixes like #2356 must no real noticeable features (yet) but we're now ready for some cool formulas in the UI logic which will come soon.
  2. 2sxc JS Edit API has been extended with a workflow engine which is used to tell edit-toolbars how to alter their behavior - like not refresh the page after data changes (for Angular / React etc.) #2353
  3. dnn-sxc-angular was updated to the latest and greatest, and now uses the new workflow-engine #2355

Minor / Bugs

  1. Editing data in App-Management when opened through another app #2351 & #2352
  2. In some cases App.Data.Create(...) converted links to the word Hyperlink #2345
  3. Api Controller fixes #2343
  4. Edit-link should remove preview-link if the field is emptied #2342
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