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Full duplex RESTful API for your asyncio web apps
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TBone makes it easy to develop full-duplex RESTful APIs on top of your asyncio web application or webservice. It uses a nonblocking asynchronous web server and provides the neccesary infrastructure to build asynchronous web apps and services. TBone is web-server agnostic and can be added on top of your Sanic or Aiohttp app.

TBone is comprised of 4 major modules:

  1. Data Structure - an ODM-like modeling mechanism for schema declaration, data validation and serialization
  2. Data Persistency - Persistency mixin classes for document stores with a full implementation over MongoDB
  3. Resources - Mechanism for creating full-duplex RESTful APIs over HTTP and Websockets
  4. Dispatch - Classes for managing internal and external events.

Combining the usage of these 4 modules makes it extremely easy to build full-duplex RESTful APIs on top of your MongoDB datastore.


TBone is currently in Alpha stage. It may still have some bugs in the code, and some typos in the documentation. The APIs may change before an official release is made.


The following example demonstrates the creation of a model schema and the corresponding RESTful resource

class Book(Model, MongoCollectionMixin):
    _id = ObjecIdField(primary_key=True)
    title = StringField(required=True)
    author = StringField(required=True)
    publication_date = DateTimeField()

class BookResource(AioHttpResource, MongoResource):
    class Meta:
        object_class = Book


TBone was designed to develop asynchorous web applications and web services. The entire infrastructure was built around coroutines. TBone utilizes only asynchronous 3rd party components to make sure that your app is truly nonblocking.


TBone uses the async/await syntax and is limited to Python version 3.5 and up.

Furthermore, TBone has some very few basic requirements. However, depending on its usage requires additional packages may be required.


Documentation can be found here

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