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A Python script that allows you to extract and scale Minecraft's item and block textures. It automates the process of downloading the necessary files and performing the required operations.

Table of Contents

Getting Started


Install Git if you plan on using the Bedrock edition.

You can install Git using your system's package manager, or by downloading the installer from the official website.

  • Linux

    sudo apt install git
  • MacOS

      brew install git
  • Windows

    winget install Git.Git

Install/update the pip package manager.

python3 -m pip install --upgrade pip

It's also recommended to use a virtual environment.

  • Linux / MacOS

    python3 -m venv <venv-name>
    source venv/bin/activate
  • Windows

    python3 -m venv <venv-name>


Use pip to install textureminer package.

pip install --upgrade textureminer

After installing the package, textureminer will be available as a command line tool.


The base syntax for textureminer is textureminer [version] [flags]. If version is omitted, the latest version of Minecraft will be used. If no edition flags are specified, the Java edition will be used.

To download and scale textures for the most recent Java version, run the following command.


Add --bedrock or -b to use the Bedrock edition.

textureminer --bedrock # or -b

You can also pick a specific update or update channel of Minecraft to download textures for.

textureminer 1.17.1 # a java stable release
textureminer 22w14a # a java snapshot
textureminer v1.20.0.1 # a bedrock release
textureminer v1.20.50.22-preview # a bedrock preview

# update channels, gets latest version from channel, by default using java edition if no edition is specified

textureminer stable # stable version
textureminer experimental # snapshot/preview version depending on edition
textureminer snapshot # java snapshot
textureminer preview # bedrock preview, no need to specify edition

There is also options for the scale factor and output directory. Get more information with the --help flag.

textureminer --help

At a high level, the script follows the following steps:

  1. Download files.
    • If Java edition, download the client .jar file for the specified version from Mojang's servers.
    • If Bedrock edition, clone the Mojang/bedrock-samples repository from GitHub.
  2. Extract correct files.
    1. If Java edition, extract the textures from the .jar file.
    2. If Bedrock edition, change to the specified version tag.
  3. Filter files, only leaving item and block textures to the specified output directory (default: ~/Downloads/textureminer/<edition>/<version>/).
  4. Scale textures by a specified factor (default: 100).
  5. Merge block and item textures into a single directory by default.


Minecraft texture extractor & resizer