Beat Saber plugin for displaying floating lyrics while playing the game.
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Beat Singer


Displays song lyrics in-game.

Note: Some songs loaded using BeatSaver Downloader have invalid metadata, and thus won't be recognized.
If you want to use them anyway, you'll have to edit their metadata manually so that the song and artist names are valid.


After installing the custom song loader, drop BeatSinger.dll into the Beat Saber/Plugins directory.


  • When lyrics for a song can be found, the message "lyrics found" will be shown at the beginning of the level song.
  • Lyrics are automatically looked up using musixmatch; you do not need to add them yourself.
  • You can press the Right Thumbstick (or trackpad on the Vive) to toggle lyrics in-game. The key can be changed in Beat Saber\UserData\modprefs.ini, by setting ToggleKeyCode to a valid KeyCode value.

Custom lyrics

Even though lyrics can be looked up automatically, it can be interesting to have custom lyrics either for quality, or for offline access.

BeatSinger will thus load lyrics in the following order:

  1. File named lyrics.json in the directory of the song.
  2. File named in the directory of the song.
  3. Online resolution.

JSON files must have the following format:

  { "text": "Never gonna give you up", "time": 10.00, "end": 11.10 },
  { "text": "Never gonna let you down", "time": 11.24 },

SRT files must have the following format:

00:00:22,791 --> 00:00:26,229
Never gonna give you up.
Never gonna let you down.

00:00:30,023 --> 00:00:32,272
Never gonna run away...
And desert you.