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A3Wasteland Stratis

A3Wasteland is a survival-like combat sandbox, which incorporates elements of team deathmatch and sector control in one big fun-to-play package. Similar to DayZ, the objectives are to scavenge weapons and vehicles, team up with fellow players, and engage in combat to obtain control of the landscape. Best experienced with 50 or more players.

The source code is based on GoT Wasteland, which is based on 404 Wasteland, which is based on Sa-Matra's Wasteland, which is ultimately based on Tonic's Wasteland.

The mission has come a long way since 404 Wasteland. A large portion of the code has been rewritten, and it contains many new features like territory capture, player saving, vehicle saving, vehicle stores, new secondary missions, and more.

For questions and support, please visit our forums.

Team A3W developers

  • AgentRev
  • [GoT] JoSchaap
  • MercyfulFate
  • [KoS] His_Shadow
  • [KoS] Bewilderbeest
  • Torndeco
  • [404] Del1te

A list of other contributors can be found in the "Credits" section from the in-game map menu, or near the bottom of briefing.sqf

This project is licensed under the GNU Affero GPL v3. Copyright © 2013 - 2015


A3Wasteland is a survival sandbox mission for Arma 3 where two teams and independent players fight for survival. Built in collaboration between GoT, TPG, KoS, 404Games, and others. –




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