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An Android app for all things Magic: The Gathering
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MTG Familiar

MTG Familiar is an Android app which has a suite of tools to play Magic: The Gathering


  • Offline advanced card search with image and price lookup
  • Life tracking, including Commander damage
  • Mana pool / Deck count tracking
  • Dice, as random as Java's PRNG
  • Card trader which compares prices for lists of cards
  • A Wishlist
  • A configurable round timer, with 5/10/15 minute warnings
  • Searchable, offline comprehensive rules
  • Offline Judge documents (Magic Tournament Rules, Infraction Procedure Guide) and deck counter
  • Momir, Jhoira, Stonehewer randomizer

How To Build

  • Download and install the latest Android Studio build from the Canary channel
  • Make sure you have installed Android SDK Platform 19, Android SDK build tools 19.0.3 and Android Support Library 19.1 from the Android SDK manager
  • Check out this project with Android Studio's VCS tools
  • Press the build button

Get it

Google Play

Show Support

The app is free, and the source is all here. If you'd like to say thanks and show a little support, here's a button: PayPal


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Become an Official Beta Tester

To receive official beta builds through Google Play, first join the Google+ Community MTG Familiar Beta Testers. Once you are a member of the community, you can opt-in to the beta program here

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