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  1. music-demixing-challenge-starter-kit music-demixing-challenge-starter-kit Public

    Starter kit for getting started in the Music Demixing Challenge.

    Python 123 43

  2. neurips2020-procgen-starter-kit neurips2020-procgen-starter-kit Public

    Starter Kit for NeurIPS 2020 - Procgen Competition on AIcrowd

    Python 84 43

  3. food-recognition-benchmark-starter-kit food-recognition-benchmark-starter-kit Public

    This repository is the main Food Recognition Benchmark template and Starter kit. Clone the repository to compete now!

    Jupyter Notebook 62 43

  4. real_robots real_robots Public

    Gym environments for Robots that learn to interact with the environment autonomously

    Python 33 18

  5. neurips2019_disentanglement_challenge_starter_kit neurips2019_disentanglement_challenge_starter_kit Public

    Starter Kit for the NeurIPS 2019 Disentanglement Challenge

    Python 32 8

  6. seismic-facies-identification-starter-kit seismic-facies-identification-starter-kit Public

    More details about the competition:

    Python 28 8


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