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LODStats uses Redland (librdf) to access files adhering to the Resource
Description Framework (RDF) and compute various configurable statistics
about them.
Extending LODStats with custom statistics is easily accomplished.

Installation instructions:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install python-pip python-dev librdf0-dev python-librdf
sudo apt-get install git raptor2-utils

# Install virtualenvwrapper

sudo pip install virtualenvwrapper
mkdir $HOME/.virtualenvs
mkdir $HOME/Devel

echo '' >> $HOME/.bashrc
echo '#python virtualenvwrapper configuration' >> $HOME/.bashrc 
echo 'export WORKON_HOME=$HOME/.virtualenvs' >> $HOME/.bashrc
echo 'export PROJECT_HOME=$HOME/Devel' >> $HOME/.bashrc
echo 'source /usr/local/bin/' >> $HOME/.bashrc

export WORKON_HOME=$HOME/.virtualenvs
source /usr/local/bin/

# End install virtualenvwrapper
# Alternative:
# sudo apt-get install virtualenvwrapper

mkvirtualenv --system-site-packages lodstats
mkdir src
cd src/
git clone git://

cd LODStats/
python install

cd ../
git clone git://
add2virtualenv ./

(lodstats) $ lodstats --help
Usage: lodstats [options] [-m model.{rdf,nt,...}] file/URI
(lodstats) $ lodstats -vp some_rdf_file.nt
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