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Welcome to our collection of sample code.

It's an outlet for experiments. These samples are designed for reference only and are not supported, nor are any commitments made as to their longevity. Information and views expressed in these samples, may change without notice. You bear the risk of using it.


Coded UI Microsoft Word Add-In

This sample delivers practical and scenario based sample code and guidance for the Visual Studio Coded UI Microsoft Word Add-in, which extends the Coded UI feature support to Microsoft Word documents.

TFS Word Add-In

The Team Foundation Server Word Add-in sample imports work items from a Team Project and generates professional-looking documents. A typical scenario is requirements management in Word Doc format, allowing users to collaborate with the project team while using their favourite application.

WCF Load Test

This sample tool takes a WCF trace file and a WCF client proxy, or a WCF interface contract, and generates a C# unit test that replays the same sequence of calls found in the trace file. The unit test can then be used to load-test the target


Contributions to this project are welcome. Here is how you can contribute:

  • Submit bugs and help us verify fixes
  • Submit pull requests for bug fixes and features and discuss existing proposals

Please refer to Contribution guidelines and the Code of Conduct for more details.