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This organization hosts projects of ALSETLab, Prof. Luigi Vanfretti's research team @ RPI

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  1. A drone model with 3D visualization and FMU export configuration developed using Modelica

    Modelica 13 8

  2. RaPId (a recursive acronym for "Rapid Parameter Identification") utilizes different optimization and simulation technologies to provide a framework for model validation and calibration of any kind …

    Modelica 30 10

  3. Active Distribution Network Power System Model for Dynamics, Stability and Control Analysis

    15 10

  4. Smart grid Synchrophasor SDK (S3DK) - A LabVIEW API and a Real-Time Data Mediator for PMU Application Development!

    LabVIEW 14 2

  5. An Open Source Maker's Guide of an DYI PMU

    C 1

  6. Jupyter Notebook


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