Networked Media Open Specifications
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Networked Media Open Specifications

NMOS is a family name for specifications produced by the Advanced Media Workflow Association related to networked media for professional applications.

This repository provides general information about these Specifications, including a technical overview

Other repositories contain the Specifications themselves:

Note: "WIP" means work in progress

For the latest version of this repository and issue tracker etc. please refer to

Further supporting information, including screencasts and videos, is available at

Getting started

Please read the NMOS Technical Overview

Repository contents

  • -- This file
  • NMOS Technical Overview -- High-level technical overview of the NMOS data model and API specifications
  • FAQs -- Frequently Asked Questions about NMOS (see also for more general information).
  • Glossary -- Glossary of terms used in NMOS specifications
  • images -- Images used in documents
  • LICENSE -- Licenses for software and text documents
  • NOTICE -- Disclaimer