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AMWA IS-09 NMOS System API [Work In Progress]
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[Work In Progress] AMWA IS-09 NMOS System API

The NMOS System API allows an NMOS Node (also known as a "Media Node") to find Resources that are common across a system. This enables the Node to start, or re-start, in a well defined way that is consistent with the environment it's running in.

Getting started

Readers are advised to be familiar with:

Readers should then read the documentation in this repository, and the APIs, which are written in RAML -- if a suitable tool is not available for reading this, then this will create HTML versions.


  • -- This file
  • docs/ -- Documentation targeting those implementing APIs and clients.
  • APIs/ -- Normative specifications of APIs
  • examples/ -- Example JSON requests and responses for APIs
  • LICENSE -- Licenses for software and text documents
  • NOTICE -- Disclaimer
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