A lisp web browser using WebKit
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test Fixes the test to really use prove features Feb 13, 2015
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keys.lisp Changes the default key. Jan 23, 2015
lispkit-test.asd Bare conversion from 5am to prove Feb 12, 2015
lispkit.asd Uses asdf correct way to run tests Feb 6, 2015
lispkit.lisp Refactors out the dependency on gtk Jan 23, 2015
macros.lisp Add a destructuring-dolist Aug 10, 2014
main.ui UI changes Dec 14, 2014
make-image.lisp Rework entry-point function so it works in dev and standalone Aug 26, 2014
modeline.lisp Fixes a bug that tests bring up Jan 26, 2015
packages.lisp Fixes the shadowing issue Jan 22, 2015
run-travis.sh Uses asdf correct way to run tests Feb 6, 2015
settings.lisp Uses less side-effects and handle errors. Dec 5, 2014
ui.lisp ws Feb 14, 2015
user.lisp Implement cookies Aug 26, 2014



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A lisp web browser using WebKit


  • Linux, this is a soft-requirement as I haven't tested at all on Mac. Windows support is not on the roadmap at all.
    • Probably needs some work on cl-webkit2 to get the libraries found.
    • Probably needs some work on the underlying gtk libraries too.
    • Help wanted!
  • libwebkit2gtk
  • gtk2
  • SQLite (if you change the cookie backend, default does not require this)
  • A Common Lisp implementation (tested with SBCL so far)
  • Make

How to



Manual C-h m
Browse Url C-x C-f
Link Hints C-x F
New Tab C-x k
Next Tab C-x n
Prev Tab C-x p
Quit C-c C-x


Very early work, but somewhat usable.

Some videos:

Getting Help

Join #lispkit on freenode for help

There is a mailing list for development discussions and issues reporting: lispkit-dev at googlegroups dot com