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AGAIL - IoTivity Integration (AGAIL APIv2)

This repository contains the alpha version of the AGAIL-IoTivity protocol. It contains also some IoTivity-based applications for Linux and RIOT-OS.

Exposes the iot.agail.Protocol V2 interface

  • DBus interface name iot.agail.protocol.iotivity
  • DBus interface path /iot/agail/protocol/iotivity

IoTivity on RaspberryPi

The installation of IoTivity on a RaspberryPi can be done by invoking

$ sudo -k ./

It was tested on RaspberryPi 3 with Raspian Jessie version September 2016.

Run the AGAIL-IoTivity Protocol

Under the scripts directory you can find different scripts to setup and start / stop the modules.

Note IoTivity must be already installed in the system.

  • ./scripts/ iotivity will compile and start the module.

  • ./scripts/ will stop/kill the modules.

Under the protocol_test_scripts directory you can find different test script for the protocol.



The RIOT folder contains the IoTivity pkg for RIOT-OS. It allows to create embedded devices on which IoTivity runs. At the moment, the Security module is disabled!

Install RIOT-OS Building Environment on RaspberryPi

RIOT-OS requires a well-configured building environment. It can be installed by invoking

$ sudo -k ./

It was tested on RaspberryPi 3 with Raspian Jessie version September 2016.

Integration in RIOT-OS

In order to use IoTivity over RIOT-OS you have to copy the folder pkg/iotivity in the pkg folder inside of your RIOT root. Then you have to add the following line to the application's makefile

USEPKG += iotivity

The compilation system will do the rest.


Inside the folder examples/iotivity-examples there are some examples to test the pkg.

Linux Examples

Simple Client

The IoTivity/Simple-Client-Linux folder contains an IoTivity-based client written in C++ for Linux. It can be used as test client for RIOT-based scenarios.

Interactive Client

The IoTivity/Interactive-Client-Linux folder contains an interactive IoTivity-based client. It can perform resource discoveries and custom CRUDN requests with a simple terminal-based interface.