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Albacore v3

Albacore v3 brings support for packaging .Net Core projects.

Does not support building with dotnet; use this task instead of using build (for now);

task :build do
  system 'dotnet', %w|build|

The BIG BANG that is v3, however, is its support for packing and pushing fully with Paket. This means; faster pushes, faster downloads, and easier package management, version levelling and less time spent waiting for infrastructure in general.

Another big upgrade is that we now support semver version constraints: ~> rather than the previous >= for packages that you've created.

We've also upgraded this project to support symbol generation, pdb inclusion, xml-doc inclusion and discovery of all of these from the project-files.

The long-term plan of Albacore is to make itself completely unneeded and replace all functionality of albacore with command-line usages of paket. That is why the range of supported task types is diminishing.