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Twiddler files

This repo contains configuration files for the one handed chording keyboard Twiddler.

As of 8/17/2015 I use only Twiddler 3. I don’t use Twiddler 2.1 anymore so my fingers don't have to keep adjusting from Twiddler 2 to Twiddler 3 buttons.

More info about this project can be found at

I developed Backspice layout as an improvement of an already great TabSpace layout.

I use this layout all day, every day, at least 8 hours per day. Usually doing software development on a Mac.

Right now I only maintain Backspice layout for the left hand here, as I use only the left hand with it. You will definitely need to create a mirror layout if you want to use Twiddler with your right hand. Feel free to submit a pull request if you create such a layout.

Backspice layout cheat sheet

The full cheat sheet (as a text file) is available here.

The TabSpace layout description:

Some files came originally from:


Files for Twiddler one hand chording keyboard


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