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Use Emacs Org-mode to graph your sleep pattern.
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Use Emacs Org-mode to graph your sleeping pattern.

my graph


This software is alpha-quality! The script was written to produce nice graphs for my own org file and it will give garbage if you feed it less than a few years of data.

The reason for raster images (instead of SVGs) is that it is hard to render thousands of lines and not have them rendered in a smudgy way. Raster images on 100% zoom always look perfect, anything else will typically look bad.

The script does pixel-banging, which is arguably easier than trying to force matplotlib or gnuplot to render 1-pixel lines. In fact, there were matplotlib and gnuplot versions of orgsleep, but they were only adequate before I surpassed a 2-year milestone. I'm still looking for a better solution, please let me know if there's something.


This command was used to generate the example:

bin/orgsleep '--title=Sleeping pattern of an average AlexDaniel' \
             '--subtitle=Sample size: 1'                          \
             '--out=examples/graph.png'                            \

Use your own org file to plot your data.


You must have Image::Magick Perl5 module installed. On Debian-based systems use:

sudo apt install libimage-magick-perl
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