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@AlexLew95 AlexLew95 released this Apr 9, 2019


Hey there!
A new release of GameAPI is now available with a lot of hot fix and of course new feature to make your imagination for games awesome!

Here are changes:


  • Possibility to clear players from team and/or game (e.g remove all players from team "red" of game "test")
  • More syntaxes for Point system (e.g raw points, check the documentation to see them)
  • Version checker
  • Metrics (


  • Signs issue fixed
  • Skript events (was link with wrong Bukkit event) fixed
  • Game loader message fixed
  • Point system issue fixed
  • Wrong messages fixed


  • Improvements Game type. Now you can take the game of the player everytime (was limited to if player was in the game, worked not if the player was only in a team).
  • When a player in a game die, he will be teleported at the spawn of his team (or the spawn of the game) (Can be disabled)
  • Default spawn locations y coordination (now y = 150)
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