Android client for RSS services compatible with Google Reader API
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EasyRSS is an Android app for RSS services compatible with Google Reader API.

The recommended RSS back-end service is FreshRSS.


  • Sync with RSS services compatible with Google Reader API
  • Image downloading for off-line reading
  • Simple swipe between starred/all/unread items
  • Manage starred items
  • View items by tag or subscription
  • State saving & syncing
  • Slide up & down to move between items
  • Font size adjustment


What’s new?

See changelog




Compatible RSS services


Fork by Alexandre Alapetite adding the possibility to use any back-end server. The original project by Zheng Sun was released as open source and stopped at version 0.5.x when its back-end service Google Reader closed in July 2013.


Spanish @teki207, Japanese @Soyofuki, Danish @simongray + @Alkarex, French @Alkarex

Related Open Source projects

  • FreshRSS: A free, self-hostable RSS aggregator, compatible with Google Reader API.
  • HtmlCleaner: Open-source HTML parser, originally by Vladimir Nikic.
  • HorizontalPager: An Android horizontally scrolling view that snaps to child pages neatly and supports nested vertically scrolling child views.