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Aloha EOS

We are an EOS block producer based in Hawaii.

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  1. eos-mechanics eos-mechanics Public

    EOS Mechanics benchmark contracts and utilities

    C++ 34 17

  2. eos-proxyinfo eos-proxyinfo Public

    EOS Proxy Info Contract

    C++ 29 18

  3. eosio-vpaysplit eosio-vpaysplit Public

    Split block producer vote rewards to multiple accounts on claim

    C++ 6 5

  4. delphioraclewax delphioraclewax Public

    Forked from eostitan/delphioracle

    C++ 2 2

  5. valueproxy valueproxy Public

    Voter Value Proxy contract

    C++ 1 2

  6. bp-info-standard bp-info-standard Public

    Forked from eosrio/bp-info-standard

    JSON Standard for Block Producer Information on the EOS Blockchain



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