Sample built for the 'Intro to GitHub' session for MaptimeYVR
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Sample for 'Intro to GitHub' Workshop - MaptimeYVR

This is a sample built for the 'Intro to GitHub' session for MaptimeYVR held on Tuesday Feb. 17, 2015
Slides for this talk.

Goal of this exercise

Learn how to:

  • Fork, commit, and submit a pull request on a Git repo.
  • Use the gh-pages branch to host websites on GitHub.


The published site is a simple map that loads one Geojson file for each user/contributor that includes some points of interest.
Each user will fork the main repo, add a folder for themself, point to that folder in the main Index.html file and submit a pull request.



  • Fork this repo.
  • Use the GitHub client (Windows or Mac) to clone the files to your machine.
  • Add a folder with your username. Add a geojson file named 'locations'.
  • Add a point (or more) in the file with properties 'name', 'color' and 'user'.
  • Modify Index.html to add the folder name to the array named 'users'.
  • Commit changes.
  • Sync repo with GitHub.
  • Check changes by visiting the published page at http://<username>
  • Submit pull request.