Java Library for JD-Core, a java decompiler
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JD-Core-java is a thin-wrapper for the Java Decompiler.

This is hack around the IntelliJ IDE plugin. It fakes the interfaces of the IDE, and provides access to JD-Core.

Since the Author of JD-Core is not willing to provide a library, and we all want to batch decompilation, this is pretty much our only option.

I hope this will motivate the author to release a proper library.

Supported Platforms

JD supports:

  • Linux 32/64-bit
  • Windows 32/64-bit
  • Mac OSX 32/64-bit on x86 hardware


Clone the repository and run ./gradlew assemble. This will download the necessary native libraries from the JD Intellij repository on Bitbucket, compile the wrapper code, and generate a jar file containing both in the build/libs directory.

This is a self-contained jar that you may include in your own Java project, or alternatively you may run it from the command line.



/* Returns the source of SomeClass from compiled.jar as a String */
new jd.core.Decompiler().decompileClass("compiled.jar", "com/namespace/SomeClass.class");

 * Returns the sources of all the classes in compiled.jar as a Map<String, String>
 * where the key is the class name (full path) and the value is the source
new jd.core.Decompiler().decompile("compiled.jar");

 * Returns the number of classes decompiled and saved into out_dir
new jd.core.Decompiler().decompileToDir("compiled.jar", "out_dir");

From the command line:

# Outputs all the sources of compiled.jar into out_dir
java -jar jd-core-java-1.2.jar [options] <compiled.jar> [<destination>]
    -z - save sources into a zip file
    -n - add line numbers into sources; (false by default)
    -r - not realign line numbers (true by default)


Leslie Hoare wrote the cross platform and self contrained jar code.


JD-Core-java is released under the GPLv3 License.

JD-Core, JD-GUI & JD-Eclipse are open source projects released under the GPLv3 License.