JSON library for C# (Pretty print, implicit operators, easy to read and write)
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NiceJson is a simple C# library for JSON. You can use NiceJson to encode or decode JSON text. No binary saves, no Output/InputStreams, no bullshit. Just input/output string with optional pretty print.


  • Full compliance with JSON specification (RFC4627) (needs testing)
  • With implicit operators.
  • Simple string input output [JsonNode.ToJsonString(), JsonNode.ToJsonPrettyPrintString(),JsonNode.ParseJsonString(string json)]
  • Can be used with Unity3D (Net 2.0)
  • Solidus escaping option (for HTML embedding)


All you have to do is read the Sample to know how all the library works;)

using NiceJson;

public class JsonExample
    public JsonExample()
        //Object creation, all types extends from JsonNode, 
        JsonArray arrayExample = new JsonArray();
        JsonObject objectExample = new JsonObject();
        JsonObject objectExample2 = new JsonObject();

        string outPutString;
        string outPutPrettyPrintString;

        //Basic types can be created with JsonBasic or directly the type you want.
        int basicIntExample = 17;

        //Adding or removing components, it's the same like you were using a Dictionary (JsonObject) or a List (JsonArray)

        objectExample["name"] = "Ángel";
        objectExample["age"] = basicIntExample;
        objectExample["programmer"] = true;
        objectExample["glasses"] = null; //Yes it has all basic types of Json including null :)

        //You can do operations with JsonNodes like if they were the primitive types without casting them
        objectExample["age"] = objectExample["age"] + 10;

        objectExample2["name"] = "Manolo";
        objectExample2["age"] = 54.4f;
        objectExample2["programmer"] = false;
        objectExample2["glasses"] = new JsonArray() { "sunglases", 3, null};

        //Also you can iterate through JsonArray and JsonObject(also using .Keys, .Values like dictionary)
        foreach(JsonObject personObject in arrayExample)
            personObject["surname"] = "Surname";

        //yes it has basic string, no spaces, no tabs, not end lines
        outPutString = arrayExample.ToJsonString();
            outPutString : 

        //yes it has pretty pring string, with spaces, tabs, endlines):
        outPutPrettyPrintString = arrayExample.ToJsonPrettyPrintString();
            outPutPrettyPrintString :

                    "name": "Ángel",
                    "age": 27,
                    "programmer": true,
                    "glasses": null,
                    "surname": "Surname"
                    "name": "Manolo",
                    "age": 54.4,
                    "programmer": false,
                    "glasses": [
                    "surname": "Surname"

        //Also you can configurate the Json.PRETTYPRINT_IDENT_CHAR (\t,' ',whatever you want) and Json.PRETTYPRINT_IDENT_COUNT (for number of times you want to repeat char per ident)

        //Parsing json it's easy :)

        arrayExample = (JsonArray) JsonNode.ParseJsonString(outPutString);