Node library for interacting with the Vault of Satoshi API
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Vault of Satoshi API



npm install vos-api

No Affiliation with VOS

This is an UNOFFICIAL Vault of Satoshi client library!

Endpoint Support

/public/ticker          Get trading statistics
/public/orderbook       Get the list of open orders/price levels
/info/currency          Get information about supported currencies
/info/account           Get information about an Api-Key and account
/info/balance           Get wallet balances
/info/wallet_address    Get addresses of wallets
/info/wallet_history    Get list of transfer into/out of wallet
/info/ticker            Get trading statistics
/info/quote             Get quote for a trade
/info/orderbook         Get the list of open orders/price levels
/info/orders            Get information about your orders
/info/order_detail      Get list of transactions resulting from an order
/trade/place            Place an order
/trade/cancel          Cancel an order

API Keys/Documentation

You need to generate your own API key/secret combination on the Vault of Satoshi site.

How it works

var vos = require('vos-api')('key','secret');

var currency_pair = {
    order_currency: 'btc',
    payment_currency: 'usd'

function callback(ticker_data) {

vos.Public.ticker(currency_pair, callback);

Accessing Endpoints via Code

All endpoints are in the format vos[Public|Info|Trade].endpoint.

vos.Public = {
    ticker: function(options, callback),
    orderbook: function(options, callback)

vos.Info = {
   currency: function(options, callback),
   account: function(options, callback),
   balance: function(options, callback),
   quote: function(options, callback),
   orderbook: function(options, callback),
   orders: function(options, callback),
   order_detail: function(options, callback),
   wallet: {
        address: function(options, callback),
        history: function(options, callback)

vos.Trade = {
    place: function(options, callback),
    cancel: function(options, callback)